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From the Presidents' Corner

March 2018

President's Letter - So much to do, and so little time!! That seems to be the theme of our lives these days. Our March meeting will be the 7th of the 10 we have each year. Have we done 70% of the goals we had in Sept? I don’t even remember what my goals were, so how do I know if I have completed 70%? Anyone else feel like that? Sometimes we run from one thing to the next, never taking time to appreciate where we are.

So, where does that mean we (the Guild) are right now? We can certainly look at how the Guild is growing and thriving right now. We are thrilled that people have stepped up to fill the roles of Presidents and Camp Directors. And several of those people are relatively new members. New blood, new ideas, new energy. And many of the other people filling other positions have indicated they would serve another term. It all speaks to the health of our Guild, and the enthusiasm we have for hooking and for how the Guild has helped each of us. As we said in last month’s letter, “what an awesome group of people, and what an awesome Guild”.

We are in a great place.

We have good upcoming programs for the remainder of the year, we have our Hook-In in June, and Summer School in August, with all the new rugs that will produce. We have a list of program requests for next year, many of which can be led by our own members. Our plate is full. We are satisfied.

If you missed the February meeting, the by-laws were passed after a few minor changes. Cherry gave a nice presentation on making a basket topper.

Yours in wool,
Weezie, Jan and Fred

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The Hunterdon County Rug Artisans Guild was founded in April 1977. We currently have over 130 members from nine states. The mission of the Guild is to perpetuate the tradition and art of rug hooking, to encourage creativity, to provide the means for an exchange of ideas and information and to promote educational activities to enhance the interest in rug hooking. Monthly meetings in Flemington, New Jersey offer programs for someone new to rug hooking as well as the seasoned artisan. Members have opportunities to participate in hooking demonstrations, rug exhibits, rug camps and “hook-ins”. A supportive environment is provided for those new to the craft and for those looking to refine their technique. New members are always welcome!

For more information, please contact Weezie Huntington at weezie711@gmail.com or Jan/Fred Cole at jantique@ptd.net

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