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From the Presidents' Corner

November 2017

Presidents’ Letter - Saturday, Oct 7 was “World Wide Take a Picture” day. Not sure that was the exact name, but that was the intent. One photography group I belong to said there were 900 organized photography “walks” with over 18,000 people participating. Wow. That’s pretty amazing. And then add to that the number of people who took a picture with their cell phones, not knowing what day it was (or not caring). Lots of photographs were taken that day. In fact, in today’s world, more photographs are being taken every day than ever before in history, due to the cell phone.

So my question this month is, “how many of those pictures could be translated into a hooking?” All of them could be, but some would be pretty weird, would be my answer. I took about 200 pictures in about 1.5 hours, just wandering around the old mill in downtown Allentown. I probably didn’t stray more than 200 feet from the building. The exterior walls of the mill, if you are not familiar with it, are a green and white stucco—one layer peeling from another. Has a lot of texture. The building has stained glass windows on one side. There were a couple of bright red umbrellas (open) in front of it, some sculptures around it, and in back was a huge assortment of old things like rusty water heaters, old tractor parts, a few carvings. Lots of items to try to shoot in a creative way, or to somehow make them stand out from their surroundings.

There were plenty of things within a small area that kept my camera busy. My guess is that within 200 feet of where you are sitting right now is something you could look at and see a hooked mat. Do you have a piece of fruit in the fridge that has been cut open? Look at the seed pattern. Look at the skin pattern. Think of it as a very close up shot of a small part of what you are looking at. Maybe just one petal of a flower, blown up to 2’ x 3’—a super close up look at the stamens and pollen, maybe one quarter of a bicycle wheel leaning up against a stone wall. Just enough to give a hint, so the viewer’s mind has to finish the picture.

We can all train our minds to see the world differently. One way to do that would be to commit to taking one picture a day, for a month maybe, and then looking at them to find elements that could be hooked. Doing this, you will never run out of ideas, just time.

Wishing you even loops, and creative ideas.

Yours in wool,
Weezie, Jan and Fred

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The Hunterdon County Rug Artisans Guild was founded in April 1977. We currently have over 130 members from nine states. The mission of the Guild is to perpetuate the tradition and art of rug hooking, to encourage creativity, to provide the means for an exchange of ideas and information and to promote educational activities to enhance the interest in rug hooking. Monthly meetings in Flemington, New Jersey offer programs for someone new to rug hooking as well as the seasoned artisan. Members have opportunities to participate in hooking demonstrations, rug exhibits, rug camps and “hook-ins”. A supportive environment is provided for those new to the craft and for those looking to refine their technique. New members are always welcome!

For more information, please contact Weezie Huntington at weezie711@gmail.com or Jan/Fred Cole at jantique@ptd.net

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