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From the Presidents' Corner

December 2017

Presidents’ Letter - At the recent meetings, and in recent emails, we have asked you to read, review, and make suggestions on updating the bylaws. So far, we have only gotten a few suggestions, and several “things are fine” comments.

I do not know of a single volunteer organization that has people lining up, fighting to serve on the management board. It’s the old 80-20 concept-- 80% of the work is done by 20% of the people. This is a standard situation regardless of business setting, church setting, volunteer setting, committee setting, etc. We have that problem too.

The purpose of this particular letter is to put forth some of the suggestions made already, in an attempt to engage everyone in the discussion. YOU may not think your ideas are worthwhile, but we would like to hear them anyway. This is YOUR guild, and your opinion matters, as does your participation. And just because it is the HUNTERDON County Rug Artisans’ Guild, doesn’t mean you have to live in (or near) Hunterdon County to be a member or an officer.

A few of the suggestions made have to do with redefining the communication jobs since we no longer have Karl. While we have divvied up the jobs, we have not updated the descriptions. We are working on that.

But we also list a Special Events Chair—a position that has been vacant for a long time, so do we really need such a person? If we do away with that position, how do we handle any special event we want? Program Coordinator is also vacant, and has been for a while. Do we need such a person? If we don’t fill that position, who will get programs for us? This particular title is ‘Coordinator’, which means others can do the work…. maybe it should be Program Committee Coordinator? Then how many people should be on the committee, or is that a floating committee for each program?

Are there some jobs that should change every 2 years? Some every 3 years? Some have a maximum of 2 terms? For example, the job of Treasurer requires a certain financial acumen and talent for accuracy. This job might be repeatable ad infinitum for a qualified person or pair of people, as long as that person is willing to serve. But the job of President, for example, might have a maximum of two consecutive 2-year terms, thereby eliminating the possibility of a “dictatorship”. New blood=new ideas=a fresh guild. Perhaps the job of Camp Director(s) has a staggered term, different from the other officers, so that the team that lines up the instructors for camp in year A finishes up with the conclusion of camp in year A, even though the next camp directors are already lining up instructors for year B before year A camp has taken place.

We hope that these ideas spark YOUR ideas, and that you will reach out to one of us to offer your suggestions. We are a strong guild because of our members. We need your input to stay strong.

We also need you to step up to fill the offices that will be vacant as of the May meeting….let’s start with Co-Presidents, as Weezie is finishing 4 years, and Jan and Fred are finishing 2 years. There is a lot of untapped talent in our group. Please thoughtfully consider how you can help.

Yours in wool,
Weezie, Jan and Fred

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The Hunterdon County Rug Artisans Guild was founded in April 1977. We currently have over 130 members from nine states. The mission of the Guild is to perpetuate the tradition and art of rug hooking, to encourage creativity, to provide the means for an exchange of ideas and information and to promote educational activities to enhance the interest in rug hooking. Monthly meetings in Flemington, New Jersey offer programs for someone new to rug hooking as well as the seasoned artisan. Members have opportunities to participate in hooking demonstrations, rug exhibits, rug camps and “hook-ins”. A supportive environment is provided for those new to the craft and for those looking to refine their technique. New members are always welcome!

For more information, please contact Weezie Huntington at weezie711@gmail.com or Jan/Fred Cole at jantique@ptd.net

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