Dolmetsch.Ellen.WomenInTheWoodsHuntington.weezie.purseDenarski.Sandy.AmericanEaglePasserello.Mary.ChristmasSnowmanGimber.Karl.IndianQueenTavernBoults.Cindy.FarmSceneBoults.Cindy.PurseBouts.Cindy.KaluaBrenner.Lydia.PumkinsHalliday.Cheryl.StarQuilktGimberKarlBolton'sTavernGrievesLoisWelcomeHeartHallMarianWhenPigsFlyKaneKathyChickenBoxKinneyDeanneFrakturReitzLindaLolaShickThereseInPraiseOfAutumnTooDenarskiSandyCats&MiceDiClementePurseGimber.Karl.ButcherTradeSignSavino.Lisa.HeartMatFetzer.Tracy.ArmadilloLogCabinMicarelli.Michele. WorkshopPursesKinney.Deanna.StarkFieldKinney.Deanna.CrowRugCombs.Joyce.Flag RunnerKapusta-Juliana.DragonBeanBagBallard.Sharon.SeaScapeGerdling.Sarah.LogCabinAnderson.Jane.Trick.or.Treat.PillowCombs.Joyce.SunflowersGerding.Sarah.Celtic.Friendship.KnotHall.Marian.Whatever!Huntington.Weezie.Le.MetroKane.Kathy.Bird.DogLawrence.Jean.RabbitsPasserello.Mary.Lion.PillowPerry.Barb.Colechester.Bed.RugReitz.Linda.Chickens.Give.a.HookSavino.Lisa.Star.PillowSurdi.Jeanne.June''s.InnLewis.Lydia.Calendar.Year.plusPenkal.Anne.Santa.PillowSavino.Lisa.Hooter.PillowShick.Therses.Bears.PawsSurdi.Jeanne.Little.Gold.FinchSmith.Brenda.Ann's.ChickenSavino.Lisa.Waldoboro.ParrotPasserello.Mary.Pride.of.Piedmont.FarmBoults.Cindy.Stair.Risers Surdi.Jeanne.Elongated.PumpkinAtwater.Susan.ProvenceBoults.Cindy.Water.LiliesDenarski.Sandy.Women.and.the.SeaHall.Marian.Forest.RavenHappe.Jeannine.CoverletHarris.Aggie.EgbertShick.Therese.HIstoric.ThanksgivingShick.Therese.Mrs.BonesMisuk Lee 01Misuk Lee 02Joyce.Combs.FishLinda.Reitz.WreathHooked and designed by Barbara LuggHooked by Lisa Savino, designed by Norma BatastiniHooked by Robin Nissenfeld, designed by Nancy Jewett3-D Cat Dolls.Designed and Hooked by Mary Gamarello (2022)3-D Christmas Tree.Hooked by Barb Perry (2022)3-D Witch. Hooked by Linda Hannemann (2022)3-D witch.Designed by Colleen King Colaizzi.Artisan Linda Hanneman (2022)All Hallows Eve . Pattern by Two Old Crows.Hooked by Mary Passerello (2022)Bee Happy,Designed and Hooked by Lydia Lewis (2022)I Left My Head In Sleepy Hollow.Pattern by Two Old Crows.Hooked by Mary Passerello (2022)My Son's Artwork.Designed and Hooked by Lydia Lewis (2022)Proddy Pillow.Designed and Hooked by Aggie Harris (2022)Santa Pocket.Designed and Hookewd by Lydia Lewis (2022)Self Designs by Therese Shick.Village Series.Christmas Welcome.Pomegranite Hill.Welcome Home (2022)Simple Santa.Pattern by Therese Shick.Hooked by Mary Passerello (2022)THANKS.Designed and Hooked by Lydia Lewis (2022)Deer With Trees. Adapted and Hooked by Karl Gimber based on photo gifted to him (20220Flowers by Old Tattered Flag. Hooked by Mary Gamarello (2022)Haisley.Designed and Hooked by Lydia Lewis (2022)Joe's Bunnies. Pattern by Cheryl Brubaker. Modified and Hooked by Barbara Lugg (2022)Lancaster Barnyard. Pattern by Ann Willley Designs by Spruce Ridge Studios. Hokked by Linda Hannemann (2022)Leaf Mats.Designed and Hooked by Sarah Gerding (2022)Liberty Welcome Home.Designed by Therese Shick. Modified and Hooked by Deanna Kinney (2022)Merry Christmas Mat.Deisigned and Hooked by Cheryl Halliday (2022)Merry Santa.Designed and Hooked by Therese Shick (2022)Mittens with Cardinal and White Birch Trees design adapted form Winnie Galvine. Hooked by Barb Perry (2022)Noah's Ark with Animals. Pattern by Norma Batastini. Hooked by Dianna Liberto (2022)Old Santa Rug.Designer unknow. Hooked by Lydia Brenner (2022)Poinsettia.Designed by Old Tattered Flag,Hooked by Joyce Combs (2022)Punch Needle Tree and Ornaments. Hooked by Mary Garamello (2022)Punch Needle Turkey Mat. Designed and hooked by Mary Gamarello (2022)Punxsutawney Phil. Pattern by Joan Moshimer.Hooked by Mary Passerello (2022)Sheep. Designed and Hooked by Kim Korth (2022)St. Joe's Logos. Designed and Hooked by Lydia Lewis (2022)To All A Good Night.Designed and Hooked by Therese Shick (2022)Welcome Guests. Pattern adapted from Ann Willey Deisgns by Spruce Ridge Studios. Hooked by Jeanne Surdi (20220Wine Glass Pillow.Designed and Hooked by Sarah Gerding (2022)Shooting Stars, designed and hooked by Lucy Walsh in memory of her neiceRobin Chairpad, hooked by Sally Jagoe, designer unknownHit or Miss Geometric, designed and hooked by Therese ShickChristmas Tree, Hooked by Betsy Warner in yarn, pattern by P is for PrimitiveSnow, Deer, and House, designed and hooked by Barbara LuggFeb. 2023 - Childhood Forest Scene. Hooked by Weezie HuntingtonFeb 2023 Flower Mat - Hooked byFeb. 2023 - Landscape  designed and hooked by Barbara LuggFeb. 2023 - Autumn rug hooked by Donna Harris (First big rug)Feb. 2023 - Designed and hooked by Lydia LewisFeb. 2023 - Whimsical dogs hooked and designed by Lydia LewisFeb. 2023 - Starry NightFeb. 2023 - Winter Pals by Therese Shick - Hooked by  Mary PasserelloCharlene Chapman. Rabbit  designed by Therese ShickCheryl Halliday. Completed a rug for Alma Coia with a crochet finish (designer unknown)Charlene Chapman, Rooster designed by Therese ShickBarbara Lugg. Geometric designed by Spruce Top Hooked Rugs, Nova ScotiaRobin Nissenfeld. Chair pad, Willow Tree Mill, designed by Therese ShickSpotted Pig by Sharon BallardLydia Brenner. Loyal Sons of Dartmouth, a design by Patsy BeckerMary Passerello. Springtime Bunny designed by Therese ShickPatti Mahar. A Two Old Crows design, Going South now called Crow BarLisa Savino. 3D pumpkin with a real stem hooked as a gift for her neighbor. Proddy heart wreathLydia Lewis. Palm Tree, her own designMary Passerello, Spring Arrives on Widsbee Farm designed by Mavis ButterfieldMary Gamarello. Mat with fruit started by Alma Coia and finished by MaryCharlene Chapman. Summer Bouquet designed by Therese ShickDianna Liberto. Flamingo designed by Michelle Micarelli