The Dog Team Tavern - Hooked by Lucy WalshSnowman - Hooked by Lisa SavinoSanta - Hooked by Lisa SavinoLugg.Barbara.Still.SnowLugg.Barbara.Sheep.SnowAfter the Storm- Hooked by Lucy WalshBasket Weave - Hooked by Lucy WalshHalloween Gothic - Hooked by Lisa SavinoHooked by-Barbara Lugg, Designed by-Ken Quick, Title-Hunterdon County, Notes-Farm scene, New Jersey scene,, Hooked wool in mixed cuts,, predominantly used a 6 cut on primitiveHooked by-Barbara Lugg, Designed by-Missie Carpenter of Traditional Primitives Quilting, Title-Traditional Primitives Pillow, Notes-pillow, quilt design, flowerHooked by-Lisa Savino, Designed by-Lisa Savino, Title-Holiday Proddy Flowers, Notes-Proddy FlowersHooked by-Lisa Savino, Designed by-Lisa Savino, Title-Proddy Flowers, Notes-Proddy sunflowerTitle-Heavenly Bodies, Designed and Hooked by Carol Kindt, adapted from a Dover Publications designLugg.Barbara.Farm.Snow