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HCRAG January 2020 Hooking Retreat!

At the HCRAG 2020 retreat, about 46 hookers spent a wonderful, very warm, weekend at the Holiday Inn in Clinton. We hooked and created, we ate wonderful meals in town, we shared, we critiqued, we caught up with old friends, we made new friends, we laughed. We look forward to doing it again next year. See below for a peak at our wonderful weekend.


Mentoring Program

We would like to make members aware of the existence of our mentoring program, which was created as a way to facilitate a new member’s introduction to our guild. This program will match you with a current member who will be able to help you out with most things related to rug hooking, from providing advice and suggestions regarding a rug that you are working on, to helping explain Guild programs, events or activities. New and experienced rug hookers alike, can also benefit from a mentor providing information regarding local resources, including open studios, suppliers, teachers, etc. We hope that you will opt to take advantage of this worthwhile opportunity! Those interested should contact

Member Items For Sale

When our in person meetings take place again, members are encouraged to bring rug hooking equipment they wish to sell to monthly meetings. This would allow current and new members to see equipment in person prior to purchase. A table will be set up for display. All items are to be labeled as to what it is, brand name, current owner, contact info, and price. Remember, there is a classified section in our newsletter. To place your item in the classifieds, email the Loop editor with the information..

Wool Sales Policy

The Guild Board discussed and voted on a new ‘wool sales at meetings’ policy, and after further discussion with Lisa Savino, who arranges our rooms with the County, the policy will be:

When we are at the Admin Building (our regular location), those wishing to sell wool can bring as much as they want unless Lisa notifies us that we only have half the room, or if we have a program presenter who is bringing wool as part of the presentation. However, if you have previously ordered wool from someone, that transaction can be completed. If we are meeting at the Police Station or if we only have small space at the Admin Bldg please limit what you bring into the room. If it proves that it is too complicated when the space is small, we will readdress this part of the policy.

All wool must be set up within our meeting room. Our contract with the County says we cannot operate a ‘store’ (or maybe the word is commercial), and if someone walks into the hallway from the outside, and buys a piece of wool from someone in the hall, we now have a ‘store’. For the privilege of selling wool to Guild members, the Guild will get a 10% commission. Every place a vendor goes to sell costs money (in some cases, a LOT of money), so this is a thank you to the Guild for making the space and the audience available.


Other Events



Please submit any items to be included on the Classified Section of “The Loop” to Mary Passerello at the Loop editor by the 20th of the month prior to when you want the item included. The classified section is refreshed monthly so please resubmit repeat ads.

The following information must be included with each submission:


"The Loop" Newsletter

"The Loop" is the monthly newsletter of the Hunterdon County Rug Artisans Guild (HCRAG). It is available to all HCRAG members. Please see JOIN THE GUILD page for information on joining and receiving the Newsletter.

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