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"The Loop" is the newsletter of the Hunterdon County Rug Artisans Guild (HCRAG). It is published monthly (September through June). Articles, suggestions or ideas for the newsletter can be submitted to Karl Gimber at P. O. Box 16, Carversville, PA 18913 or by email to karlg12@verizon by the the 20th of the month.

Besides being a great hooker, Karl Gimber does an amazing job of writing and compiling "The Loop" newsletter. It is a huge resource to our Guild members and has a wealth of information and inspiration for all hookers!

Click below for complete printable copies of this month's issue as well as back issues of "The Loop" newsletter.

"The Loop" June 2018
"The Loop" May 2018
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"The Loop" February 2018
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"The Loop" June 2015
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